L.A.R.E. Prep

New LARE Format

  • Fully computerized sections 1-4 began in September, 2012.
  • Practice tests for the computerized sections are available for Sections 1 thru 4.  Other updated exam resources including samples of the new innovative item types should also be available now.


* While the LARE exam format will change in 2012 for Sections C, D and E, the format will not change for Sections A & B

For further details, visit the CLARB website.

Changes to the 2012 exam will include:

Five to four sections – This modest structural change will better align the content of the L.A.R.E. with current practice.  For full details on the structure of the new exam and the equivalency between the current and new exam, please view the L.A.R.E. Transition Chart.  

Full computer based testing – By December 2012 all four sections will be delivered by computer to improve relevance, reliability, and accessibility.  For additional information on the computerization of the current graphic sections, please view the Frequently Asked Questions.

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